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Skyscraper window washer robots

Tel Aviv (CNN Business)A skyscraper window washer regularly ranks among the toughest jobs in the world. The role, which can pay an upward of $27 an hour, often requires workers to hang hundreds of feet above the ground. The high wages and steep turnover rates

Not our safety practice… but hes brave!

PASSERS-BY were stunned when they spotted this window cleaner working 50ft off the ground – perched on a windowsill. A businessman staying at a nearby hotel was terrified the worker was going to plummet to the pavement below as he cleaned the outside of the

The dizzy heights of high rise window cleaning

As Yanga Gwe steps over the edge of one of Cape Town’s tallest skyscrapers his mind does not dwell on the street a nauseating 100-odd metres below. This daily leap of faith that would give most people nightmares has long since stopped making his heart