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OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)

Diversity Window Cleaning Services makes sure proper implementation of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) systems and processes in order to confirm with the requirements.

Our Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to fulfil our legal and moral responsibility to offer health and safe working environment for all the contractors, employees and clients. We also make sure that our operations and processes do not cause any property damage, injury risk or illness to local community.


The management of Diversity Window Cleaning Services is committed to:

  •  Integrate Occupational Health u0026amp; Safety requirements to all the aspects of Diversity Window Cleaning Services maintenance u0026amp; cleaning operations
  • Compliance with legal requirements, co-operation u0026amp; coordination with different regulatory agencies, and meeting existing industry standards
  • Provide and maintain the work environment which is quite safe and free from potential health risks
  • Consultation with staff members and other concerned parties on how to improve the decision making pertaining to Occupational Health u0026amp; Safety environmental issues
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing written work procedures pertaining to safety
  • Effective communication and distribution of information regarding safety procedures and measures
  • Assisting and supporting employees in injury rehabilitation and management
  • Supervision, Information, training and instructions to site visitors, clients, contractors and employees to make sure effective safety
  • Assessing and reviewing the whole occupational and heath safety policy frequently
  • Reviewing and Assessing Occupational Health u0026amp; Safety policy regularly
Our Staff Are Expected To :
  • Take adequate care regarding the safety and health of themselves as well as others
  • Cooperate with Diversity Cleaning Services by following the OHS policies and guidelines regarding maintenance and cleaning processes and practices.
  • Participate in various consultative arrangements with company’s management
  • Help Diversity Window Cleaning management to meet various OHS targets and objectives effectively

At Diversity Window Cleaning we believe we can offer an efficient and reliable service and will at all times work to please our clients, giving them a level of service, that is second to none.